Friday 18th October 2019


Year 6 have had an amazing time at Woodrow House.

We know that they all created new and very special memories and will never forget their Year 6 Residential.

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Thursday 17th October 2019


The name of the game is teamwork! We’ve made rafts in teams, worked together to get to great heights and even made fire in the bushcraft activity. 


‘Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much’ 

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Wednesday 16th October 2019


We’ve had a fantastic first day. Archery, high ropes, challenge course and nightline have been the highlights of our day. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed it!! To finish we are all singing songs and telling jokes around the campfire. 

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Year 6 Residential 2016 - Day 4

We can’t believe it’s the last day already. We’ve all had an amazing time at Woodrow together. Our teamwork and communication skills have developed over the week and we’ve managed to complete so many tricky obstacles together

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Year 6 Residential 2016 - Day 3

Fabulous group activity day. Year 6 had a full day of raft building, swimming, parachute games and a long country walk. Even a Star Wars quiz took place between our expert Verity and Hamid.
Duriing the evening there were some amazing dance moves displayed at the disco. Lots of music, singing and…

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Year 6 Residential 2016 - Day 2

Mud, fun and birthdays. We’ve had an extremely busy day including team building, orienteering and a very muddy night line!! Everyone is really enjoying themselves especially today as it’s Saul’s birthday! We will be celebrating tonight at the campfire with songs and cake.

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Year 6 Residential 2016 - Day One

We’ve had a fantastic first day at Woodrow House.

Our activities have included archery, challenge course and survival skills. The sun has been shining and we have all had an amazing start to our Trip.

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Year 6 Residential 2015 - Day 4

We can hardly believe that our time at Woodrow House has gone so quickly! The food has been great and we have completed so many amazing activities this week. All afternoon we completed our final tasks then went on a scavenger hunt! Last night was the disco. After getting all dressed up, we danced…

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Year 6 Residential 2015 - Day 3

A morning message from the Year 6 Adventurers.

We have had a fabulous 2nd day despite the rain. Although covered in mud, we didn’t let this stop us smiling and we embraced the outdoors to finish off yesterday’s activities. During the afternoon, we took part in parachute games at the sports…

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Year 6 Residential 2015 - Day 1 and 2

Year 6 are having so much fun. Already they have solved a murder mystery; taken part in ‘Nightline’ wearing a blindfold; built their own shelters; made a fire and completed an obstacle course.

Everyone had a huge breakfast this morning and now they are out having fun in the woods in the rain.…

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Year 6 Residential 2014 - Day 3

A final message from Ms Winskill:

Good morning everyone,

We are almost there and looking forward to a big sleep in our own beds tonight. Yesterday was jam packed with activities and events including Talib and Lucca’s birthdays. We ate lots of cake, built rafts and tested them in the…

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Year 6 Residential 2014 - Day 1 and 2

Here is part one of two of yesterday’s adventures. We are having a brilliant time and everyone had a good night’s sleep last night. We are looking forward to a disco tonight to celebrate Talib and Lucca’s birthdays.

Here we are… of day one, Tuesday 21st October and a message from Ms…

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