ELECTION NEWS November 2019


Parent Governors Appointed - Congratulations.

The Governing Body are delighted to welcome two new parent governors - Tomomi Yosgida and Emma Fletcher who have been appointed following the recent parent governor election process.  Both Tomomi and Emma will be joining as governors from 28 November 2019.  Congratulations to you both!


Samantha Dossetter - Clerk to the Governing Body





Parent Governor Vacancies - NOW OPEN!!


The Governing Body is currently recruiting for 2 new Parent Governors.  This is a fabulous opportunity to make a difference and contribute to  the school.


No previous experience is necessary, just an interest in the role and a willingness to commit some time (mainly during school hours).   Training and support for the role will be available.  


If you would like to find out more about being a Parent Governor a coffee morning will be held on Friday 01 November 2019 at 8.45am.  There will be a chance to chat with governors and ask any questions.


The deadline for applications is 12.00 Noon on Friday 08 November 2019.  If there are more than 2 applications an election will be held.




Prefects Meeting 


At the 2019 Summer Term meeting of the Attainment and Progress Committee were fortunate enough to meet with members of the Year 6 Prefect Team.  The prefects explained what their role involves and why they enjoy being a prefect.  Governors were very pleased to hear that one of the main reasons pupils get enjoyment from being a prefect is through helping others, either through mentoring their work, in the playground or through other duties


The prefects explained how they help to shape and drive their role within the school and how they are willing to take on this responsibility and give up their free time.  Governors thought it was fantastic that the prefects were willing to give up their time in this way to contribute to the life of the school and make a real difference to other pupils.  Governors were also impressed by they way the prefects work together as a team and often partner another prefect to perform their role.


The prefects were keen to demonstrate how holding the role of prefect had helped them develop as individuals and had helped them to develop skills which would be useful to them in their move to secondary school.  The prefects were very articulate and Governors very much admired them and the work they have achieved.


It is always a great privilege for Governors to meet with students of the school and is planned that the new Year 6 prefects will be invited back in the Summer Term 2020.


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