Monday 14th November 2022

Image of Monday 14th November 2022

Gremlin Class have all been working really hard ......................

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Friday 7th October 2022

Image of Friday 7th October 2022

Gremlin Class have been very busy .................

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Monday 11th July2022

Image of Monday 11th July2022

Gremlin Class have had an Incredible Year at the end of their time in the Incredible Years !

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Have a wonderful Summer

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Wednesday 25th May 2022

Image of Wednesday 25th May 2022

International Day 2022 in Gremlin Class

For International Day 2022, the children dressed in traditional dress and shared facts with the class about where they were from and showed us their national flags. In addition to this, the children spent the day learning about Mexico! The children…

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Friday 13th May 2022

Image of Friday 13th May 2022

Well Done Year 1. What a fabulous Class Assembly

If you couldn't join us, then please click below to bring it all to life once again !

Vesak Day or Buddha Day Thursday 13th May 2022

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Thursday 5th May 2022

Image of Thursday 5th May 2022

Unicorn have started the Summer term with great enthusiasm and a new IPC Theme.

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Thursday 31st March 2022

Image of Thursday 31st March 2022

Gremlin Class have had an amazing term

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Monday 7th March 2022

Image of Monday 7th March 2022

Gremlin Class are fantastic learners and have been completing some exciting projects.

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Friday 21st January 2022

Image of Friday 21st January 2022

Gremlin have had an amazing week

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Wednesday 15th December 2021

Image of Wednesday 15th December 2021

The Transport Museum

Welcome to this wonderful and very special museum run by our Year 1 children

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And here to read all about how we created the museum.

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Tuesday 14th December 2021

Image of Tuesday 14th December 2021

We hope that you all have a wonderful holiday.

Click here for our seasonal songs to bring a smile to your faces.

See you all in 2022

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Friday 3rd December 2021

Image of Friday 3rd December 2021

Gremlin Class have been doing some amazing learning

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