Thursday 25th May 2023

Image of Thursday 25th May 2023

Year 4 & 5 have had a brilliant half term.

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Friday 20th January 2023

Image of Friday 20th January 2023

Dragon Class have had an exciting start to the year.

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Monday 17th October 2022

Image of Monday 17th October 2022

Dragon Class have been so busy !

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Tuesday 12th July 2022

Image of Tuesday 12th July 2022

What an amazing year Dragon Class have had.....

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Have a wonderful Summer

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Friday 27th May 2022

Image of Friday 27th May 2022

Save our Wildlife

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Friday 6th May 2022

Image of Friday 6th May 2022

Dragon have been having all sorts of adventures.

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Wednesday 30th March 2022

Image of Wednesday 30th March 2022

Year 4 have had an amazing Spring Term 22

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Wednesday 2nd March 2022

Image of Wednesday 2nd March 2022

Dragon have begun this half term by learning all about the creation of two different electrical systems invented by Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. We debated about whose invention was better. Was it Edison's Direct Current system or Tesla's Alternating Current? A lively debate between two sides…

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Monday 24th January 2022

Image of Monday 24th January 2022

Making a Difference

Dragon have been enjoying their new IPC topic 'Making a Difference'.

So far they have learned about so many significant people that have made a big contribution to the world. From civil rights activists to the inventor of the World Wide Web, children have been…

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Wednesday 15th December 2021

Image of Wednesday 15th December 2021

Year 4 were so lucky to meet an amazing poet, Amina Atiq

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Tuesday 14th December 2021

Image of Tuesday 14th December 2021

We hope that you all have a wonderful holiday.

Click here for our seasonal songs to bring a smile to your faces.

See you all in 2022

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Friday 3rd December 2021

Image of Friday 3rd December 2021

Dragon class have been working on persuasive writing based on their core text 'The Sword in The Stone'.  In order to make their speeches as persuasive as possible, they used rhetorical questions, engaging short and long sentences and emotive language to make the audience stop, think and listen.…

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