A much colder end to the week !

Thank you once again to everyone for another great week. I am so impressed with all the wonderful learning across the school. It is also great to see the children completing so many wonderful activities on Seesaw and I enjoy checking their progress. Everyone should be using Seesaw, but we understand that there have been a few problems with log in details and technology, which hopefully are now all being solved. Next Thursday at 09:30, Mrs Kent and Ms Clare are organising a Zoom Parents meeting on using Seesaw in your home, including all the special features that are available. We hope that this will be well attended.

Thank you to all the year 6 parents who attended the Zoom Secondary Transfer meeting this week. It was really pleasing that it was so well attended. We are going to be presenting our workshops and other events online this year, currently through Zoom; although we are investigating alternatives. For the meeting this week, I know that a couple of families had difficulties with the sound, so please check your Wi-Fi settings as poor connections can cause problems. The link below will take you to the Secondary Transfer booklets that you can access on our website.


Hot lunches are now returning. The cooler weather and the end of September mean that we are now going to be serving hot food once again. If you would like your child to have a hot dinner, then please contact the office next week. We will send out the new menu once it has been finalised.

Finally, please follow the link below to access the useful COVID-19 Reference Guide produced by the NHS, that we emailed to everyone this week. The scenarios are particularly useful as you manage the health of your family throughout the coming months.

Covid-19 Quick Reference Guide

Take care everyone and make sure that you are following Government Guidance to keep you and your family safe and well. Thank you for all your endless support and see you on Monday.