Tuesday 25th January 2022

Pixie Class have started 2022 with plenty of enthusiasm!

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Thursday 16th December 2021

Pixie Class have had an amazing Term

They have completed some wonderful learning and we are so proud of all their achievements.

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We hope that you all have a peaceful holiday 

Click here for our seasonal songs to bring a smile to your faces.

See you all in…

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Thursday 21st October 2021

Pixie Class have had a fabulous first half term.

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Friday 23rd July 2021

Pixie Class End of Year Review

What a year Pixie class have had. They have all done so well and we are very proud of all of them.

Click here to see some of the highlights of their first year at Oxford Gardens

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Wednesday 30th June 2021

Pixie class have been having so much fun

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Thursday 3rd December 2020

Pixi Class have had a fabulous first term at Oxford Gardens and have been doing the most amazing learning.

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Thursday 19th November 2020

Pixie Class have been having so much fun !

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Wednesday 23rd September 2020

The Incredible Years Team welcomes you to.........................................

Meet the Teacher

Welcome to Pixie Class


Click here to find out all about being in Pixie Class including: the curriculum, home learning, home school partnership, systems and routines.

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Monday 10th February 2020

Last week our Explorer Topic was 'Pirates and the Ocean'. We build Pirate ships out of blocks, learnt to share gold pirate coins equally between two Pirates and began to use some Pirate speech in our role play- 'Ahoy maties!'


This week we are learning about Space, our key text is 'Whatever…

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Friday 17th January 2020

We have been very busy Pixie's!


In Maths we learnt how to make repeating patterns, like the patterns on African animals fur (Tigers and Zebras), using coloured cubes and also pictures of diffrent aminals e.g. lion, zebra, lion, zebra, lion, zebra


The whole class have…

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Friday 6th December 2019

Trip to the Fire Station

We had the BEST time at the local Fire Station last week. We were able to spray water from the hose, climb into the Fire Engine and Mrs Millington dressed up as a Fire Fighter!



Every Friday the Royal College of Music comes in and we go to…

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Thursday 7th November 2019

This half term we have started to learn about 'Transport'. We have really enjoyed having our home corner as the 295 bus for the last few weeks and next week it will be a Construction Site as we are learning about Construction working vehicles.



We have been practising our cutting,…

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