Friday 17th January 2020

They Made a Difference

Leprechaun have made a fabulous start to 2020 with the Entry Point for their new IPC Project.

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Friday 6th December 2019

Leprechaun Class have had such an exciting time.

Viking helmets, The British Museum and Opera have been some of the exciting experiences they have had.

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Thursday 7th November 2019

We have been learning about the Anglo Saxons

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Friday 4th October 2019

As part of our IPC Project, in Science, we have been investigating materials and their properties.

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Wednesday 11th September 2019

Leprechaun Class have started the year with much excitement.

This week they had lots of fun taking part in a group project to design and build an Anglo-Saxon village using natural resources, to introduce our new IPC topic: Building A Village.

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Wednesday 10th July 2019

Leprechaun have had an amazing year

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Monday 10th June 2019

On the 7th June, Leprechaun class were introduced to their new IPC topic 'Island Life'. They enjoyed taking part in a plethora of fun activities associated with the topic, and were keen to show off their knowledge.

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Wednesday 5th June 2019

On Friday 24th May 2019, Leprechaun class participated in our half-termly RE day. Linking in to our IPC topic of 'On Tap', we looked at the significance of water in different faiths.


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Tuesday 14th May 2019

On Wednesday 8th May, Leprechaun class were lucky enough to be joined by Elizabeth Sparrow from the charity Water Aid. She shared with us lots of interesting information about water, and its importance to everyone. She also gave us an insight into the charity's work with  different communities of…

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Wednesday 3rd April 2019

On Wednesday, Leprechaun class visited Kew Gardens, alongside the rest of the school. We all had a fantastic time, and enjoyed seeing the different parts of the park in the lovely weather.

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Friday 29th March 2019

Since coming back from half term we have had a busy few weeks and have been working incredibly hard.  We started our new IPC topic – Land, Sea and Sky and we were blown away by the hard work that many of the pupils did over half term when they researched different animals and their habitats.  In…

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Wednesday 13th February 2019

Leprechaun class had a fantastic time at the Victoria & Albert Museum on Tuesday. In the morning, we looked at the different exhibits at leisure, convening after lunch for a workshop teaching us about the history of the Museum and its significance.



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