OGPS Co-operative Enterprise


We now have four workshops which are all running in the mornings as part of our new Co-operative Enterprise. The children in these groups are creating products and objects that can be used in our school. We have mosaic signs, art work and gardeners as well as our early morning Fit For Life Team. Above is one of our Mosaic Team members who has been working hard with our wonderful artist Tomomi Yoshida to make bottle cap designs of our five special words. Watch our outside walls as they will be installed soon.


MyBook Blog


We are delighted to tell you that our school is now using MyBookBlog (MyBB), a fantastic new website that motivates children to read books.


Children are supported to choose a great book using MyBB’s blurbs, book trailers and the ratings and reviews of other children.


  When they have chosen a book to read, they find a copy of it in our wonderful
library or classroom book corners . MyBB books have a sticker inside the front cover.


Please ensure that our books are well looked after and returned swiftly to school. The titles are also widely available in shops and public libraries – your child can show you how to search for books to read. They might have added books they want to read to their Wish List.


When children have read chapters of books that they have chosen, they can go to MyBB to complete activities. They blog their thoughts and feelings, grow their vocabulary, explore book- related non-fiction, and collect jokes and cards as they read. However, we don't recommend that children look at screens in the hour before bed. If they read a chapter of a book before bed, they can complete the activities the next day with the book open in front of them.


Please click on this link to access your child’s My Book Blog homepage.



We look forward to hearing all about the wonderful reading that takes place in your homes and the exciting facts, vocabulary and adventures you learn about through My Book Blog.


Happy Reading!


Miss Clare KS2 Literacy Lead