An Exciting First Week for Everyone (including Luna!)

The new school year is with us and has started so well. Thank you to everyone for making our first few days so smooth and happy. It has been wonderful to see all our families again and hear about your Summer adventures and time spent with family and friends.

The children have really started well, with our first lessons focusing on developing our growth mindset culture throughout everything that we do. Staff have been so impressed with the way that everyone has settled and their enthusiastic response to the first learning challenges of the year.

We have lots of exciting things planned for 2019/20, one of them being the further development of our thematic curriculum. On our first INSET day the staff worked together to plan our new IPC projects which will build on knowledge and enable the children to apply new skills throughout real world contexts. There are some very creative projects on the horizon for everyone to enjoy. Parents/Carers will be invited to our special termly events when the end products from the new projects will be celebrated.

Over the next couple of weeks we have our meet the teacher sessions, when you can come in and meet your child’s new teacher, learn about the curriculum and timetables for the year as well as see the classroom where they will spend the majority of their learning time. We really hope that you will find this a reassuring way to learn about your child’s new year group.

Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing you all again on Monday for our first full week