The children have spent the day learning about the amazing planet we live on, the threats it is currently facing and what we, as individuals and a community, can do to help.

Thank you for your contributions this morning – we have raised a total of £181.20 for WWF – World Wildlife Fund – which will be used to sponsor some endangered animals – rhino, turtle and tiger.

The Early years and Key Stage 1 children learnt about Plastic Pollution, Years 3-5 about Animal Extinction and Year 6 about Climate Change.

There has been a wide range of work produced today, in Early years the children made eco-bricks and pledges about what they will do to support the climate.  Key Stage 1 have made posters and written postcards and letters from the perspective of a magpie who was ill form eating the litter left by humans.  Years 3-5 have produced posters, newspaper articles, and information texts and year 6 have written some incredible pieces of persuasive writing to Theresa May.

Please look through the photos to see some of the work produced today.

The children have been really enthused by their learning today and have posed some really interesting, thought-provoking and challenging questions.  Please discuss with your children what they have learnt and be open to any suggestions they may have about things they may want to do to help look after our beautiful planet.