Parent Consultations

I hope you all had an enjoyable half term and the children are rested and energised for what will be another packed half term of exciting learning opportunities.


On Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th November there will be parent consultations for all of our classes (Nursery to Year 6).  Year 1 will have their parent consultations on Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th November.  This will give you an opportunity to talk to your child’s teacher about how they have settled into the year, their progress, targets, next steps and how you can support your child with their learning at home.   The consultation slots are 10 minutes per pupil which is a short amount of time so please make sure you arrive on time to avoid them running over.  If you feel you need more time than this then please make an extended appointment directly with the teacher.  


If you are unable to meet your child’s/children’s teacher during this week or if meeting after school is difficult for you then please speak to the class teacher and they will arrange another time to meet with you that is mutually convenient. 


How to sign up for an appointment:


Nursery, Reception & Year 2 -  on the sign-up sheets on the notice boards outside the classroom doors.  The sheets will go up this Thursday 1st November at 8.45am.

Year 1 – on the sign-up sheets which will be located on the Yr 1 notice boards by the entrance door in the car park.  The sheets will go up this Thursday 1st November at 8.45am.

Years 3, 4 & 5– the sign-up sheets for these classes will be stuck on the outside of the school office from Thursday 1st November at 8.45am.

Year 6 there will be a table near the school gate from 8.40-9.05 and 3.25-3.45pm on:

  1. Thursday 1st November
  2. Friday 2nd November
  3. Monday 5th November
  4. Tuesday 6th November

If your child is in Year 6 then you will need to sign up to see their Maths, Writing and Reading teachers – please make sure you are aware of who these are. 


If you are unable to come into school to sign-up for a slot then please either let your child know what days/times are convenient and they can sign up for you or write a note to the teachers with preferred times and days and they will arrange this for you.


The importance of meeting with your child’s teacher and being aware of their targets does play a crucial part in the development and progress of their learning so please make every effort to take the time to meet with your child’s/children’s class teacher. 

We look forward to welcoming you.