Thursday 31st January 2019

Click here to see some of the fabulous learning that Year 6 have completed on the Life Cycle of Plants and the Hobbit.

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Tuesday 15th January 2019

Year 6 have started the year with an exciting research project.

Click here to find out more.


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Tuesday 18th December 2018

Year 6 are back in school this week after the most amazing three days away. Once we arrived back, we wasted no time in writing thank you letters that detail some of the amazing experiences we had and thank: Abellio coach company, The Guilford Labour Party and The Sayers Croft Trust, who all…

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Friday 16th November 2018

Click below to read about our exciting learning, especially our trip to the Imperial War Museum

Sprite Class Update

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Friday 19th October 2018

Click below to read about our fantastic first half term in Year 6; also you can read some of our incredible writing on the theme 'Our London'

Autumn 1 Sprite

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Wednesday 26th September 2018

Click below to see how much we have learnt about Brazil and how far we have got with Skellig

Core Subject Learning

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Wednesday 12th September 2018

Year 6 have had a fantastic start to the year. To begin our IPC topic, ‘Migration’, on Monday we spent the afternoon outside building our own shelters. We pretended we were refugees and used only a few key items to build a shelter. Each shelter had to sleep at least six people, be secure and safe…

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Friday 20th July 2018

Oh What a Night !

Last night we had our Leavers Prom Party and Year 6 looked amazing and had a wonderful time.

Today we have shared many tears as we have said our fond farewells. 

We wish everyone in Year 6 much happiness and success

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Tuesday 17th July 2018

It's here........our review of the year. 

What an amazing final year we have had. We have had some wonderful adventures including visits to Dorset and Kew Gardens. We have loved all our time at Oxford Gardens, but Year 6 has been very special. Click below to see our journey.

Click here to…

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Thursday 28th June 2018

Click here to read about some of our wonderful last learning projects at Oxford Gardens

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Thursday 10th May 2018

Year 6 Update

We have been extremely busy this week in Year 6 preparing for our SATs. We are almost there and can’t wait for next week to be over after all our hard work. Next week, breakfast will be put on for free for Year 6 children every day from 8.15am in the Upper Hall. Remember to have a…

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Wednesday 25th April 2018

Click here to see how well Year 6 are managing the final weeks before their Key Stage 2 SATs.

We are so proud of them..............nearly there

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