International Day 2022 in Gremlin Class

For International Day 2022, the children dressed in traditional dress and shared facts with the class about where they were from and showed us their national flags. In addition to this, the children spent the day learning about Mexico! The children discussed how a child in Mexico might spend their day, and discussed the art, culture and music they may enjoy, in addition to the foods they may eat and the way they might dress. The children were very engaged in these discussions, which link to the IPC topic the children have been focusing on this term! The children produced some brilliant portraits of one another in the style of Frida Kahlo (a famous Mexican artist) and practised some dancing and singing, in addition to learning some of the language. It was a brilliant day and the children were enthusiastic to share their own cultures with the class, and were very generous with their time, when it came to listening to others.

We have filmed a short video for you to see what the children got up to on this day! 

Click here to find out all about Mexico

What an adventure - well done Gremlins.