Last week our Explorer Topic was 'Pirates and the Ocean'. We build Pirate ships out of blocks, learnt to share gold pirate coins equally between two Pirates and began to use some Pirate speech in our role play- 'Ahoy maties!'


This week we are learning about Space, our key text is 'Whatever Next'. We will be looking at what astronauts wear, how they move around in Space with no gravity and will be learning the planets names through a great song - 



The whole class have now learnt the first 4 sounds and the stories that go with them to help us write them.  

sssss slither down the snake

mmmm maisy mountain mountain

ddd around the dinosaurs bottom, up his long neck and down to his feet

ttt down the tower across the tower



Please practice these at home and encourage the children to recognise them on signs, in newspapers and in books.

I will be putting on a Phonics Parent workshop next half term to help you support your child with their Phonics at home too.


Have a lovely half term!

Pixie Class Team