We have been very busy Pixie's!


In Maths we learnt how to make repeating patterns, like the patterns on African animals fur (Tigers and Zebras), using coloured cubes and also pictures of diffrent aminals e.g. lion, zebra, lion, zebra, lion, zebra


The whole class have now learnt the sounds 'ssssss' for snake and 'mmmmm' for mountain. We have even begun to practice forming them on the board. As we form them, we say the story to help us, 'slither down the snake' for s and 'maisy mountian mountain' for m.


Explorers Topic

So far, we have been Explorers in Africa and then in the Arctic on the ice and snow. We have learnt a lot about the different animals that live in each place and learnt about the poeple that live there too.

Next week we are learning about Dinosaurs!