Here in the Hungry Kitchen we are so excited to be back and are looking forward to a fantastic foodie year ahead.  Many parents and indeed children often ask for the recipes that the children have made during their cookery lessons. These recipes are child friendly and easily accomplished with a little help from an adult standing by. In a world that is now becoming more and more dominated by technology, cooking and the preparation of food is a brilliant antidote to our children’s world of screens where a computer or phone is often never far out of reach. It not only teaches them life long skills with an enthusiasm for cooking, it reminds them of where and how food ends up on their plates while encouraging creativity.  Our children leave with a knowledge that rivals early secondary food tech classes and I would encourage you get them peeling, grating, mixing, weighing in the kitchen. It’s great family time too! We hope you enjoy our school recipes.

A few safety tips when cooking at home with KS2 Children ….

  1. Always wash hands with warm soapy water before starting to cook. Don’t forget to dry them too!
  2. Raw fish, meat and eggs can carry some very nasty bacteria on them, wash hands before and after touching meat, fish and eggs.
  3. Always supervise children when using a knife. Knives should be age appropriate. Children’s cookery/safety knives are easy to find online and are generally inexpensive.
  4. Keep your eyes on what your doing!
  5. Use separate boards for meat, fish and vegetables.